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Concert guitars

Acoustic Models
Electric Models
Kolya Panhuyzen
Kolya Panhuyzen Elevated FB MR-GS 2006
In stock
Jonas de Kesel
Jonas de Kesel Competa Torres
In stock
Salvador Cortez
Salvador Cortez CC22 klassieke Gitaar
In stock
Alhambra 10 P Classical guitar Cedar IRW
In stock
Salvador Cortez
Salvador Cortez CC22JR junior nylon SOLID TOP
In stock
Salvador Cortez
Salvador-Cortez CS-32
In stock
Manuel Contreras Rio Double top Cedro 1984
In stock
Geert van Opstal
Geert van Opstal Classical Concert guitar
In stock
Manuel Contreras Especial RIO MINT 1980
In stock
Jaroslav Mach
Jaroslav Mach 1980 Brazilian - German Spruce
In stock
Cordoba 45FM Flamenco Blanca Espana
In stock
Sobrinos de Santos Hernandez
Sobrinos de Santos Hernandez Flamenco Guitar 1964
In stock
Otto Vowinkel
Otto Vowinkel Flamenco 1988
In stock
Gerundino Flamenco Blanca 1984
In stock

Concert guitars

In addition to our large selection of acoustic westerns, we are also proud owners of a fine collection of classical guitars. From beginner or professional to collector, we have a concert guitar for everyone.

More info about Concert Guitars

When saying concert guitar, we mean a traditional Spanish guitar (which is why it is often called the Spanish guitar) that is strung with Nylon. In addition, the Flamenco guitar also exists.

The classical guitar often has a simple and symmetrical shape. The sound is rounder and warmer than that of the western, which is strung with steel strings. In addition, nylon strings play lighter than steel strings, which is very pleasant for beginning guitarists.

For concert guitars the quality of the top is of the greatest importance for the sound, the most commonly used types of wood are Cedar or Spruce.

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