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Return Shipping

Occasionally - a product purchased at The Fellowship of Acoustics doesn’t suit you for whatever reason. Mostly you conclude this within minutes, sometimes it takes a little longer. But even then, the Fellowship of Acoustics offers you her best service.

The statutory right of rescission within the European Union is 14 days.TFOA offers this statutory right of rescission and upholds to the rules as agreed in the EU. But The Fellowship of Acoustics adds another 16 day money back guarantee.

This means that - provided that the conditions for withdrawal are met - goods obtained at The Fellowship of Acoustics BV can be returned within 30 days, counting from the day the package was offered to your door by the courier.

The withdrawal period starts upon complete receipt of the goods by the consumer, even if it consists of partial deliveries.

For the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg The Fellowship of Acoustics also pays for the return shipping costs to a default value specified in the shipping costs-list.

The withdrawal is effective if the customer communicates about his intend within the withdrawal period provided the conditions for withdrawal are met. You can do this by filling in the form below.

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To rightfully exercise his right of revocation the customer should contact The Fellowship of Acoustics BV, Moerheimstraat 144, 7701CJ, Dedemsvaart Phone:0031(0)523-232205 – or contact customerservice at [email protected]. We contact you withing 24 hours.


1. Revocation of a purchase can only be achieved by filling out a return form to request for a RMA number. This can be completed via the website where you can log-in you account and file for an return form.  or by applying for this form via email to [email protected]

2. Usual follow up within 24 hours but within 48 hours (holidays, weekends) the approval of the return request to grant an RMA number, provided it meets the conditions.

3. Upon returning goods, please enclose a copy of the completed form and return to state. RMA number thereon

4. Goods that are returned must be undamaged and complete, and will be. Delivered in the original packaging

5. Return delivery to The Fellowship of Acoustics can take place in the manner that you choose.
In General



1. The revocation procedure only applies to deliveries within the European community.

2. Revocation of a purchase can only take place within 30 days after delivery. The Fellowship of Acoustics BV basically makes no distinction between the European legal right of withdrawal of 14 days and the extended withdrawal period of 30 days as provided by The Fellowship of Acoustics BV. For both the same conditions.

3. The Withdrawal period starts at the day the goods are offered at your door for the first time. The end date of the withdrawal period is the 30th full day after the day the goods were offered at your door for the first time.

4. You may withdraw without giving any reason.

5. The Product should be sent back to us as soon as possible, but in any event within 14 days of date of approval for return and receiving the RMA number.

6. When the customer revokes the contract within the given time, the Fellowship of Acoustics BV takes responsibility for the initial payment, including standard delivery offered by The Fellowship of Acoustics, But excluding the additional costs arising from delivery by express service.  This rule doesn’t apply to deliveries outside Europe.

7. The Fellowship of Acoustics also pays for the return shipping costs within the Netherlandsen and Belgium to a maximum height as indicated in our shipping list for the above mentioned countries.

8. Outside the Netherlands and Belgium, the return shipping costs are paid for by the customer. We can book the retour as well. Costs for this you'll find below.

9. The Fellowship of Acoustics BV will usually return the payment within a few days, but within a maximum of 14 days after the decomposition of a purchase agreement.

10. To Apply for withdrawal of the contract please fill out the online return-form to apply for a RMA number.  This is necessary to avoid communication error .

11. Damage caused by moving is not within the withdrawal scheme, each product ensures standard and injury through adequate assurance procedures are reimbursed in transportation.


1. New packaged products should be returned undamaged in the original carton, where possible.

2. Damage to the goods or the original packaging of the goods insofar as they are part of the presentation of the product may be a reason to reject goods or to charge for diminution in credited value.

3. If the contractor makes use of his right of withdrawal, The Fellowship of Acoustics BV has the right to credit a loss in value if the returned goods are damaged by non-essential or non-appropriate usage.

4. If case of exorbitant and severe degradation of value of the product and / or destruction of the product, The Fellowship of Acoustics BV reserves the right to refuse the withdrawal.

5. The contractor can avoid the obligation to pay compensation for the loss of value by not using the product, and avoid everything that diminishes the value of the product.  

6. The customer is responsible for the product until the product is returned at the Fellowship of Acoustics BV. The responsibility for the product is reversed to the Fellowship of Acoustics BV on arrival and return of the product in good working and cosmetic approved order.  

7. The Fellowship of Acoustics is required within 48 hours to have indicated whether a product is received back in good order. If you don’t receive a delivery notice within 48 hours of delivery, the product has met the Fellowship of Acoustics BV return delivery conditions.

The right of withdrawal shall not apply to:

1. Products that are manufactured especially for you (custom orders)

2. Products in general that for reasons of protection and marketability are sealed, whose seal is removed after delivery by the consumer.

3. The right of withdrawal is excluded, for products that are subject to wear as strings, picks, cables,  cut on order product such as cables, as well as similar products that are not listed here.

4. The right of withdrawal is excluded for goods that cannot be resold such hygienically based products such as of pitch pipes, microphones and harmonicas whose mouth seal is removed.

5. The right of withdrawal is excluded when a consumer has exchanged a product to meet part of the value of the purchased product. In this particular case TFOA offers a Service.


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